Universal Exchange



Universal Exchange

Universal Exchange is equipped and qualified to meet the demands of an ever growing global agricultural market that is further affected by uncertain factors such as geopolitics, economy and climate.

Taking into consideration today’s two-speed growth world between developing and developed economies, Universal Exchange has secured links with diversified suppliers and producers worldwide in order to minimise risks and optimise sustainability.

Quality and value go hand-in-hand when designating the right supplies for our clients.

UE provides the platform to directly access producers with confidence.

UE promotes Environmental Sustainability Solutions and Eco-effectiveness.

UE realises the importance of Fresh produce supplies and quality Fair Trade practices. 

Our insight is your Tool to better supply direct markets.


  • •    Oilseeds
  • •    Grains
  • •    Sugar
  • •    Cocoa
  • •    Coffee
  • •    Cotton
  • •    Rice


UE stands ready to support, structure and deliver solutions to your business.