Universal Exchange

  • UE offers global logistics services throughout entire supply chains.
  • UE recognises the need for integrated logistics solutions as supply chains have become increasingly more demand driven and complex.
  • UE offers a platform to access a variety of logistics services to companies in various industries worldwide.
  • UE reliable services and facilities that deliver Safe & Secure Solutions to your business requirements.
  • UE is committed to delivering performance & security.
  • UE privileged market position and access enables ‘out of the box’ thinking to best judge and realise opportunities.
  • UE is dedicated to offer its worldwide connections, relations and experiences to best engage, develop and promote a ‘bespoke style of business platform’.
  • UE targets future technologies to integrate Value-Chain results.
  • UE promotes Sustainability, Green Energy Solutions and Eco-efficiency.
  • UE select and implement the best system for each client using our in-depth knowledge of the challenges that market participants face, and the solutions designed to address them for positive outcome.
  • Summary in in three words: Complex, Volatile and Overcrowded Market … Meaning continuous development is a key to market share and business survival.



  • •    Freight forwarding
  • •    Insurance / Maritime
  • •    Shipping/Vessel/Tanker Services
  • •    Processing & Packaging
  • •    Storage, Warehousing & distribution solutions
  • •    Market Analysis & Assessment   
  • •    Day to Day Management
  • •    Production Development (Wet Freight and Dry Freight)


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