Universal Exchange

The uncertainty of the future has brought Risk Management to the spot light more than ever. At the same time, companies reevaluate their operating models and footprint aiming to adapt and design their supply chains according to the new standards and rise above the competition.

How does your company cope?

  • Universal Exchange provides platforms for performance delivery, strategic vision and management philosophy.
  • UE regularly reviews and adapts Supply Chain KPIs to increase flexibility and measure performance accurately.
  • UE carries out tactical market research to identify the best software applicable and develop IT Strategy to support business plan.
  • UE examines the efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes applied in order to comprehend and assess the current situation and to develop solutions and strategies forward.
  • UE works closely with clients to develop a robust Target Operating Model (TOM) and best practises to eliminate waste, reduce cost, optimise supply chain and ultimately increase quality, productiveness and profitability.
  • UE offers Risk and Compliance consultancy for the Energy, Logistics & Commodity markets.



  • •    Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM)
  • •    Preferred Supply List application
  • •    Security Integration
  • •    Supply Logistics, Storage & Delivery
  • •    Bespoke Trade Financing Solutions
  • •    Trade Supply Solutions
  • •    Market Analysis
  • •    Risk Assessment
  • •    Project Management
  • •    Business Process Redesign (BPR)
  • •    Quality Management
  • •    Marketing
  • •    Country Licensing
  • •    Country Facts & Figures
  • •    Studies and Feasibilities
  • •    Pre-Planning & Delivery
  • •    Account Establishment
  • •    Strategy Solutions
  • •    Business Structuring
  • •    Merger & Acquisition
  • •    Lean Six Sigma


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