Universal Exchange

Universal Exchange has sourced and secured supplies directly from producers and mines to safeguard our clients’ needs.

UE is supported and connected worldwide with various family owned mining operations.

UE understands the difference in trading and actual ‘on the ground’ situations, so to best identify the best works solution to implement.

UE resources provide crucial mining technology supplies to give you the best tools to hand.

UE reactions to markets ‘ups and downs’ provides you the options required to best prepare, develop and react to markets demands and needs.
UE always aims to best diversify production materials sourcing in an effective manner for calculated minimal risk to profit position.

With strong focus on risk management, financial performance and supply chain efficiency, Universal Exchange can help clients identify the correct contract Bespoke to their needs.


  • •    Iron Ore
  • •    Gold & Precious Metals
  • •    Aluminium
  • •    Copper
  • •    Lead
  • •    Nickel
  • •    Steel
  • •    Zinc